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  • Episode #18 – Dr. Jim Lloyd Episode #18 – Dr. Jim Lloyd

    From Agriculture to Academia
    Growing up in a small town, Dr. Lloyd pursued his passion for animals and wildlife and merged it with an aptitude in business and economics to build an impressive Animal Health career in academia.

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  • Episode #17 – Dr. Caleb Frankel Episode #17 – Dr. Caleb Frankel

    Better Technology, Better Medicine, Better Care
    Merging his entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge of technology, and passion for animals, Dr. Frankel’s pursuits range from founding a sophisticated software platform to practicing emergency Veterinary medicine to speaking and publishing.

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  • Episode #16 – Joe Landolina Episode #16 – Joe Landolina

    Problem Solving and Perseverance
    Transforming an idea hatched in his dorm room into a revolutionary biomedical product, Joe Landolina’s entrepreneurial spirit has fueled his great success.

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  • Episode #15 – Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov Episode #15 – Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov

    Extinguishing Vet Burnout
    With a heart for veterinarians, as well as for animals, Dr. Zakharenkov is using technology to combat burnout and reignite passion in the profession.

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  • Episode #14 – Dr. Pamelar Hale Episode #14 – Dr. Pamelar Hale

    Be Tenacious, Be a Leader
    With the belief that fear has helped her be resilient, Dr. Hale has used her superior frame of mind and love of helping people to build an exceptional career.

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  • Episode #13 – Dr. David Haworth Episode #13 – Dr. David Haworth

    Adapting in the Face of Adversity
    Dr. Haworth represents the perfect case study for moving from practice to industry, culminating in a decorated career rooted in the love of animals.

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  • Episode #12 – Albert Di Rienzo Episode #12 – Albert Di Rienzo

    From the Shipyard to the CEO
    With an eye on the future health of the planet, as well as the health of pets and humans, Dr. DiRienzo is continually innovating the future of Animal Health.

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  • Episode #11 – Kevin Maher Episode #11 – Kevin Maher

    Farm Foundation for Success
    Growing up in a family of nine, Kevin Maher used his work ethic and innovative flair to start multiple entrepreneurial ventures in his impressive career.

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  • Episode #10 – Dr. George Robinson Episode #10 – Dr. George Robinson

    Natural Leader and Entrepreneur
    From a young age, the founder of Heartland Veterinary Partners, turned his love of animals and entrepreneurial spirit into a fascinating career.

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  • Episode #9 – Dr. Kevin Shultz Episode #9 – Dr. Kevin Shultz

    Dr. Kevin Shultz: Change = Opportunity
    Seeing change as opportunity has helped Dr. Kevin Schultz become one of the most accomplished drug developers in the Animal Health industry.

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  • Episode #8 – Dr. Zach Mills Episode #8 – Dr. Zach Mills

    Dr. Zach Mills: Well-Rounded Success
    Dr. Mills has enjoyed a fascinating career in Animal Health, with experiences ranging from general practice to biosecurity to the military.

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  • Episode #7 – Dr. Michael Lucroy Episode #7 – Dr. Michael Lucroy

    From Practice to Industry
    In a career marked by extremes (weather), Dr. Lucroy has struck a successful balance while transitioning from Veterinary practice to the Animal Health industry.

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