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  • Episode #38 – Emmitt Nantz Episode #38 – Emmitt Nantz

    Trusting the Process
    Emmitt Nantz, with nearly two decades in the Veterinary field, has worked at Banfield and Galaxy Vets, improving operations and satisfaction. Holding an MBA, Six Sigma Black Belt, and Project Management Certification, he co-founded Inventory Ally to optimize Veterinary inventory management, reducing costs and streamlining processes.

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  • Podcast #37 – Dr. Nelva J. Bryant Podcast #37 – Dr. Nelva J. Bryant

    Taking Flight
    Dr. Nelva J. Bryant, with over 30 years of experience and a background as a retired Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Public Health Service, has held roles at USDA, FDA, and CDC. Currently, she is Delta Air Lines’ first in-house veterinarian, promoting safe animal travel. She is also a licensed veterinarian in Georgia and New York.

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  • Episode #36 | Matt Asciutto Episode #36 | Matt Asciutto

    Comic and Veterinary Relief
    Matt Asciutto, a former improv comedian and polymer designer, transitioned to Veterinary Medicine after graduating from the University of Tennessee. He now works as a full-time relief veterinarian across six states and is focused on starting a practice in Fort Collins, Colorado; editing his book; and hosting “The Greatest Profession” podcast.

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  • Episode #35 – Dr. Alexis Nahama Episode #35 – Dr. Alexis Nahama

    The Business of Helping Others
    During a successful career, Dr. Nahama’s talent in business development and marketing, skills in critical thinking and analysis, and passion for seeking solutions through collaboration have all profoundly impacted Life Sciences within the Animal Health industry.

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  • Episode #34 – Dr. Michael Lairmore Episode #34 – Dr. Michael Lairmore

    Head of the Class
    Few have built a career as respected and as diverse as Dr. Lairmore, who has used his position in various leadership roles with prestigious organizations to not only advance the interests and evolution of Veterinary Medicine, but also to promote cooperation and collaboration among those striving to achieve excellence in the field.

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  • Episode #33 – Dr. Phillip Nelson Episode #33 – Dr. Phillip Nelson

    Grass Roots Trailblazer
    With an impressive career in Veterinary Medicine spanning four decades, Dr. Nelson has not only made incredible contributions to higher education and a tremendously positive impact on people’s lives through his exemplary leadership and his passions, but he’s also helped to establish two Veterinary Colleges in the United States.

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  • Episode #32 – Dr. Lori Teller Episode #32 – Dr. Lori Teller

    Everyday Hero
    With a heart for people and a passion for animal health, Dr. Teller has managed to combine both to build a stellar career advancing the interests and scope of Veterinary Medicine while at the same time recognizing that the lasting benefits of the profession are rooted in serving others less fortunate than herself.

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  • Episode #31 – Catherine Haskins Episode #31 – Catherine Haskins

    Bridge to the Future
    With a gift for communication and a passion for driving progress within the profession, Catherine Haskins has fueled her desire for helping others by not only tackling the most important issues of the day, but also through her efforts to prepare Veterinary medicine for the future.

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  • Episode #30 – Dr. Judy Jarecki-Black Episode #30 – Dr. Judy Jarecki-Black

    Patent Twist of Fate
    Guided by a series of seemingly random events, Dr. Jarecki-Black’s career path as a physician led her to a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, to creating the first recombinant vaccine in the Animal Health industry, and eventually to a stellar career as an Intellectual Property attorney with experience in both private and corporate practice.

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  • Episode #29 – Mark Cushing Episode #29 – Mark Cushing

    Face the Pet Nation
    Mark Cushing has paired his proficiency for strategy and his affinity for education to build an impressive career as a lawyer consulting and lobbying for Animal Health and Veterinary organizations, and he’s also an accomplished author (“Pet Nation”).

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  • Episode #28 – John Lai Episode #28 – John Lai

    Pet Therapeutics with a Purpose
    Driven by a life-long ambition and proactive personality, John Lai has melded his interest in technology and his sharp business instincts to helm an emerging biomedical device company that’s helping to transform the world of pet therapy and health.

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  • Episode #27 – Dr. Jeff Rothstein Episode #27 – Dr. Jeff Rothstein

    Brain for Business, Heart for Animals
    Dr. Rothstein has combined his interest in business, his passion for medicine, and his love of animals into a unique and impressive Animal Health career helping veterinarians succeed both in practice and overall within the profession.

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